Bioaqua Men Stanolant Facial Cleanser 80g Oily and Dry Skin Pencuci Muka Lelaki Muka Berminyak Kering
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Remove Oil
Improve Moisture

Repair Skin

Men *MUST Wash Your Face Every Day

1. Wet your face with warm water. Using hot or cold water can be abrasive to your skin, while warm water is gentle and won’t cause irritation.

  • You can splash water on your face using your hands, or moisten a towel and use that to wet your skin.
  • Wetting your skin before applying cleanser will help the soap slide more easily across your skin, preventing you from having to use too much.

2. Apply appropriate amount of your cleanser. Use a dime-sized amount of cleanser that works with your skin type. Apply it to your face in a circular motion, making sure each spot gets covered with a tiny amount of cleanser. Keep massaging in a circular motion for thirty seconds to a minute.

  • Avoid using hand or body soap as your facial cleanser. Facial skin is more sensitive than the skin elsewhere on the body, and harsher soaps can cause it to get dry and irritated.
  • If you’re wearing makeup, you may also want to use a special makeup remover, especially around your eyes. 

3. Rinse and pat it dry. Use warm water to rinse your face, making sure to wash away all traces of your cleanser. Use a towel to pat your face dry. Try not to rub your face when you dry it, since this can encourage wrinkles and irritate the skin

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