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G9 Foodaholic Collagen Eye And Face Cream Reduce Wrinkle Improve Elastic Moisturizing 40ml
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If you’re looking for a cream to nourish your whole face not only the eyes, turn to Foodaholic Collagen eye and face cream. It is a multi-purpose cream designed to deal with various skin problems. Nevertheless, it is particularly known for its rich moisturizing properties. Given the fact, it tightens the skin and reduces eye puffiness and skin dryness. You can use it even as a face moisturizer. Don’t believe us? Okay, go ahead and give it a try. You can thank us later.

[Foodaholic] Collagen Eye And Face Cream 40ml
Containing hydrolyzed collagen that replenishes moisture and rerenerates elasticity.
It is a mulipurpose Cream of “ Eye Cream + Nourishing Cream” for elasticity around your eyes, mouth, and neck etc.
Hydrolyzed collagen ingrdient help replenish moisture and regenerate elasticity reducing the appearance of wrinkle and loss of Firmness.
Niachin Amide, Adenosin
It helps skin whitening.
Helps to improve skin wrinkles.
▶ How to use
1. Use finger tips on eye area to massage following arrow direction.
2. Eye tip, under eye center area, front of the eyes, press gently using fingers.
3. Under eyebrow and front of eyebrows press harder and massage.
4. Bend fingers to press eyebrows gently and massage
After using essence or emulsion, apply the proper amount
Packaging include: 1 pcs cream 40ml

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Packaging include: 1 pcs cream 40ml