FOODAHOLIC Moisture Hand Cream100ml
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 The soft texture of the cream delicately envelops the skin of the hands, instantly eliminating dryness, tightness and discomfort. Hands quickly transform, acquiring a fresh, rested and well-groomed look.

  • Food a holic collagen hand cream
    Moisturizing hand cream with collagen Food a holic Collagen hand cream is specially created for dry, damaged and sensitive skin of the hands.It contains marine collagen, which has a strong moisturizing effect and allantoin is known for its healing properties. The cream moisturizes the skin well, relieves irritation, and treats weathering.
  • Food a Holic Snail moisture hand cream
    Hand cream with snail mucus extract Food a Holic Snail moisture hand cream has a nourishing, softening, regenerating, rejuvenating and healing effect, increases the protective properties of the skin. Snail mucus contains antimicrobial components, antioxidants, as well as peptides responsible for the regeneration of skin cells. Snail secretion filtrate stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and reduces the activity of free radicals. Snail cream brightens pigmentation, reduces the depth of wrinkles, makes the skin supple and toned.
  • White Acacia Flower Extract. This component saturates the cells with vitamins, normalizes metabolism, helps restore and soothe irritated skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture, eliminating dryness and normalizing fluid balance.

*The cream has a delicate texture, is quickly absorbed, does not leave stickiness.


Use: apply the required amount of cream to the skin and massage it into the skin of the hands with massaging movements until completely absorbed. It is recommended to apply the cream as needed.

Package include: 1pcs handcream 100ml

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Package include: 1pcs handcream 100ml