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IMAGES Moisturizing Lip Balm Anti-Drying Cosmetic Care Long Lasting
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Sensing Temperature Change Lipstick

Product Details : IMAGES Moisturizing Lip Balm Anti-Drying Cosmetic Care Long Lasting

Image Beauty Moisturizing Light Sensing Temperature Change Lipstick

Effect : Moisturizing, anti-drying, diminishing fine lines, lip gloss, lip balm

Suitable scope : dry, lackluster, lip lines, lack of water


Product Imformation : 

Product Specification : 3.89 / support

Product Colors : Pink / Orange / Purple

Product Benefit : Gentle moisturizing, soft and moisturizing lips, customizing you exclusive pink lips, makin lips soft & sexy.

Temperature Controlled Discoloration : Warm color, ever-changing demand.

Natural Moisturizing : Moisturizes & Protect lips

Lipstick lipstick : Both a lipstick and a lipstick



1. Remove the lip table old cutin cell, make double lip restore smooth, smooth. 
2. Strong lock water moisturizing effect, can maintain lips, increase water brightness. 
3. Replenish collagen, fill the lips of fine lines, to achieve full, beautification effect. 
4. Effective resistance to ultraviolet ray, keep your lips moist, avoid the accelerated ageing of the lips, dark heavy, the appearance of fine lines caused by phenomena occur. 


How to use : 

  1. Step1 ► Squeeze the lipstick on the lips ( can be used anytime, anywhere )
  2. Step2 ► After a few minutes of application, the solid color turns into a pink color.
  3. Step3 ► It can be used by both, men & women. It is as simple as creating a tende lip.

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