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Hair Care
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  • Efficacy: 
  • nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny.
  • Ingredients: 
  • water, fruit fat, cetyl stearyl alcohol, ginger juice, glycerin, vitamin E, disodium, citric acid, flavor, shea butter, triglyceride
  • How to Usage: 
  • after washing hair, the hair is blown to 8 into dry, coated with hair and hair, wait 10-15 minutes, wash.
  • Product name: Natural Ginger Shampoo
  • specification: 400ml
  • Product effect: ginger extract, fresh and not greasy, mild natural hair, bright, after using hair is not greasy, growth health, and anti hair loss
  • shelf life: 3 years
  • Effect: nourish scalp,repair damage hair,surplus hair
  • Usage:
  • step1:with a comfortable temperature, from the root to the hair tail hair
  • steps 2: the amount of a shampoo, hair evenly gently rub the foam, massage hair
  • steps 3: hand assiasted shampoo rinse can be

Main ingredients:
Olive extract, Laurel and Citric acid.

1) Natural,NO Silicone Oil , improve the head itching, moisture and nutrition, moisturizing, hair damage repair, thick and fluffy, moist, deep clean, dandruff, salubrious oil-control
2) Conditioner Efficacy: nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny.

Usage method:
1) According to the length of the hair, take 10 to 20 ml hair shampoo products, applied to the sparse and massage a few minutes, then wash clean will be OK, after washing hair, the hair is blown to 8 into dry, coated With hair and hair, wait 10-15 minutes, wash.
2) Dosage: Recommended 2-3 times / day, 1-2ml / times.


Product Description:

500g Olive Oil Hair Conditioner Hair Mask Moisturizing Deep Repair Frizz For Dry Damaged Hair Smooth Nourishing BIOAQUA HairCare


Product Features:

Strong Anti Off Hair Dyed Color Hair Care

Nursing A Fluffy Improved Frizz

The Hot Roll Damage Repair Hair Treatmen
Nourish dry hair, so dry, hairy hair to keep moisture. Let the hair soft and easy to comb, shiny

How to use:

 after washing hair, the hair is blown to 8 into dry, coated with hair and hair, wait 10-15 minutes, wash.


Brand Name:BIOAQUA

Package Included

1x Olive Oil Hair Mask 500g


BIOAQUA Professional Olive Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo Soft Refreshing Oil Control Improve Itchy Scalp Treatment Hair Care 400ML


Preservation methods:
This product will be placed thermostat 20 degrees in the shade. Shelf life is 3 years.


Product Features:
natural,NO Silicone Oil , improve the head itching, moisture and nutrition, moisturizing, hair damage repair, thick and fluffy, moist, deep clean, dandruff, salubrious oil-control

How to use:
1)According to the length of the hair,take 10 to 20 ml hair shampoo products,applied to the sparse and massage a few minutes,then wash clean will be OK.
2) Dosage: Recommended 2-3 times / day ,1-2ml / times. Germinal fluid after use in a cool , dry place.


Product Description:
BIOAQUA Fragrance Hair Care Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair Repair Perfume Moisturizer Pure Essential Oil

Product Features:
1.Easy to use, save time, do not need to wash
2.Texture easy to absorb, so that soft and smooth hair
3.Improve bifurcation, dry, hair dull, easy to break, hair loss and other issues
4.Restores rough, weak, dull hair, controls frizz
5.Adds instant luminosity and silkiness, nourish hair, add hair loss of moisture
6.Use before shampoo to prevent knotting
7.In the hair dryer when used to protect the hair from high temperature damage
8.Affordable, only a few drops each time you can use, a bottle can be used for many months

How to use:
step1:Pump few drops essential oil on the palm,gently friction the palm to make it warm.
step2:Then gently apply to the hair.Comb the hair to make the oil dry and absorb.


Brand Name:BIOAQUA

Suit for: All hair, especially bifurcation,dry and damaged hair

Package Included:
1x Fragrance Perfume Hair Care Essential Oil

1. Stored in a dry, dark place;
2. Avoid contact with the wound;
3. Any adverse reactions, stop using.



  1. After shampooing, squeeze excess moisture from the hair.
  2. Apply the recommended conditioner to the hair, not the scalp, smoothing the product from the hairline to the nape of the neck.
  3. Leave for up to 60 seconds to enable the product to act. ...
  4. Rinse thoroughly.



1. After shampooing and conditioner, start with a small amount in the palm of your hands and

work it  through damp hair. Style  as usual apply a few drops as often as needed to achieve

soft, shiny hair.


2. Before applying color, massage approximately 5 ml of ROREC Moroccan Argan Oil to hair.

This will  enhance the hairs ability to absorb the color. Do not rinse hair before applying color

or bleach. Add  4 to  5 ml of ROREC Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment to color mix and continue

normal color application  and process.


Warning !!!

Do not use this product near water

Please read the instruction carefully before use

  • Features:​
  • 1.Oil control, comprehensive and effective treating the scalp, balancing oil secretion, to reduce and prevent head oil, scalp itching, and etc. Deep cleansing hair and scalp, help you get back fresh and comfortable hair.
  • 2. Dandruff control,  Enhancing hair follicle immunity, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, regulating cell microcirculation, and improving metabolism. To effectively inhibit the production of dandruff, nourish the hair, make the hair smooth and bright.
  • 3, Nutritional moisture,Moisturizing hair and hair follicles, restore scalp metabolism balance, make the hair supple from the inside to the outside.
  • 4, Bright and supple,Promote scalp microcirculation, relieve tension scalp, so that the recovery of weak acid PH state. Make hair bright and supple, healthy growth.
  • 5, Deep care,Special contain coconut oil and other natural hair care ingredients, instantaneous infiltration, from the inside out of two-way care damage hair, make hair a new look.

Ginseng is beneficial to your scalp health and hair growth as it improves blood circulation while boosting the immune system and fighting hair loss.


Ginger Scalp Massage Cream Function: Massage cream is massage the scalp, can promote blood circulation, relieving rheumatism and cold,invigorating blood circulation and stopping pains , ease dizziness, headache, emotional tension, anti-off germinal, antidandruff itching, oil control, supple and bright

Scalp Massage Cream Efficacy: nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny. Improve frizz, nourish nutrition, scalp soothing, pay, strong anti-break hair, fluffy, moist, supple, fresh oil.


Hair treatment masks can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy—all in the comfort of your own home.


Product Name : Laikou Argan Oil Hair Essential Oil

Category : Hair Care


Variation :-

Colour : N/A

Capacity (Weight/Size) : 60ml

Type : Liquid

Application/Function : Against Hair Drying, Dehydrating, Lose Elasticity

Area/Segment : Hair

Main ingredients:Argania spinosa kernel Oil, Essence,etc.

Usage:After cleaning your hair , apply appropriate hair oil and smear it on the hair,
massage your scalp with hair oil until it is absorbed by hair,does not need to be cleaned.
Efficacy: Argan oil is rich in vitamin E,phenols,carotenes,squalene,and fatty acids,
fights against drying,dehydrating and the loss of elasticity.

1. Stored in a cool and dry places.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Avoid misuse.
4. Avoid contact with the wound.
5. Any adverse reactions, stop using.
6.This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

-Due to different producing batches, product details of outer packing might be a little different.
But the function of all products is no difference . If you minding the difference of packing, please buy it carefully.


1. Easy,fast low cost, in 5 minutes make your hair into black

2. Made of Herbal extracts, so it is safe and no harm to hair or scalp


After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount to the hair and massage for 3-5 minutes
After cleaning, dry and blow dry.


You can use this comb to massage the scalp, stimulate blood flow, bring healthy nutrition to the hair follicles, and eliminate fatigue and headaches.