About Lifebuoy

The desire to be clean, active, and healthy is intrinsic to everyone – irrespective of age or economic status. Lifebuoy understands this, and has championed the cause for better health through hygiene for more than a century.

The driving force behind the Lifebuoy brand is its strong vision for more hygienic, healthy and ultimately more vital communities. To realise this vision, we look to consistently innovate and to provide accessible Lifebuoy products to a wide variety of consumers.

This vision also commits the Lifebuoy brand team to act, with inspiring projects that motivate consumers to improve their hygiene behaviour.

Lifebuoy products

Since Lifebuoy’s launch in 1894, we have supported people in their quest for better personal hygiene. The classic red bar of soap and its distinctive medicated carbolic scent was synonymous with cleanliness throughout the twentieth century.

Today, the brand is so much more, with its many soap variants and body washes, liquid hand washes and hand sanitisers which ensure daily hygiene and freshness for the entire family.

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organic menthol crystals

peppermint leaf oil

healing properties

natural peppermint oil


- Cleans your body thoroughly for that fresh feeling

- Kills 99.9% germs and bacteria 

- Contains charcoal and mint to cleanse and nourish your skin

- Lasting fresh fragrance

- Protects your family from harmful germs


Lifebuoy Total 10 Body Wash contains our patented ingredient, Active5. The rich, creamy foam in our body wash reaches deep into the pores, deeply cleanses and removes 10 problem causing germs, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.


Lemons are one of nature's top sources of citric acid and have long been known for their powerful natural antibacterial properties. Lifebuoy's Lemon Fresh shower gel is infused with refreshing and zesty lemon juice, keeping you feeling fresh all day. Our liquid body wash also contains an advanced germ protection formula - Activ Naturol Shield which kills 99.9% of germs.


Fueled by the power of nature-inspired ingredients - with antioxidant-rich matcha & soothing aloe vera, Lifebuoy Matcha & Aloe Vera Shower Gel can detox your skin by fighting pollution and skin problem-causing germs, giving your skin the freshness & protection it deserves.