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  • Seamless look: invisible underneath any type of clothing.
  • Easy to use- Put it on easily like pants from feet up to waist.
  • Four steel bones prevent rolling up and migration.

Bamboo charcoal has excellent adsorption, can thoroughly clean the pores of dirt, replace the towel after cleansing your face make charcoal to promote the release of far infrared active skin peripheral circulation, release negative ions to remove skin aging killer - free radicals, so that the skin eliminating free radical damage, to cleaning, maintenance of double effect.


Face mask ini mmpunyai banyak kebaikan antaranya ialah:

* Melembapkan kulit muka

* Melicinkan kulit muka

* Membenarkan dan memudahkan kulit muka utk bernafas

* Mengawal minyak muka

* Cara penggunaan juga adalah mudah


Help to take care of the skin around the eyes

The water is moist and shinny, showing youthful luster.


· Do not use when the skin has wounds, eczema, redness and swelling

· If you feel unwell after use, please suspend use or consult a dermatologist

· If it gets into your eyes accidentally, please don't rub your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, if you still    feel unwell, please consult a doctor as soon as possible

· Keep out of reach of children



1. Do not use abnormal parts such as wounds, eczema or skin inflammation.

2. Keep the puff clean and don't use it with others.

3. Keep it out of reach of children


Massage can help the absorption of hand cream, let the hands enjoy the SPA

1. Wash your hands and apply the hand cream

2. Apply the back of the hand to each other

3. Massage fingers to help improve hand drying

4. Crossed hands, gently massage

5. Massage the skin of the hand

6. Massage the back of the hand, can make the hand wet and smooth


Synthetic makeup brushes:They’re made up of manmade bristles, usually from nylon or other synthetic fibers. Unlike natural brushes, synthetic makeup brushes don’t have a cuticle, which makes them great to use with liquid or cream products, such as foundation and concealer, because they won’t trap makeup. Synthetic bristles tend to gravitate towards one another, making them perfect for precision application.


The right makeup brush set should cover just about everything you need for a full face application. A variety of face and eye brushes should do the trick.

Instructions for use:
1. Do not cut or tear. (The transparent wrapping film is a water-soluble material that does not need to be torn.)

2. Pour the clothes and start the washing machine.

The natural option: Avocado peptides

Why it works: "These natural peptides hydrate and plump the skin, giving the same youthful effect as synthetic peptides."


Hair treatment masks can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy—all in the comfort of your own home.


1. Type: Perfume For Man and Women
2. Material: Natural Essential Oil
4. Net: 3ml
5. Feature: Men's and Women's Perfume, Smell Remover, Refresh, Car Air Freshener, Spray Design

1. Avoid fire,flame or smoking during use.
2. Store in cool place.
3. Avoid spraying in eye.
4. Keep out of reach of children.



Warning !!!

Do not use this product near water

Please read the instruction carefully before use


Warm reminder:

1. The mask is disposable, please do not reuse.

2. Once the liquid accidentally gets into the eyes, please wash immediately with clean water.

3. People with skin trauma are not recommended to use the mask.

4. People with sensitive skin should do a small area test on the back of the hand or ear before use.

5. Tip for first time user: Please use this mask 2-3 times per week. After a week, use the mask once a day. Or use in the morning and evening every day.

6. Storage tip: Store the mask in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.



1. Avoid fire,flame or smoking during use.

2. Store in cool place.

3. Avoid spraying in eye.

4. Keep out of reach of children


ORIGINAL IMAGES silky fragrance shower gel 500ml 

正品 形象美网红小苍兰香氛沐浴露 500ml  




The texture is tender and delicate whitening and freckle removing, replenishing water for the skin, hydrating the skin brightening the skin

Directions for use: 

1. Spray the face directly. After cleansing, hold the spray 15 to 20 cm away from the face.

2. With the wet application of paper film, wet the face first and then with the paper film, apply the paper on the face, and then spray the paper film on the face again and the face for 15-20 minutes.


before using this product, it is recommended to test the skin behind the ear. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it.





100% brand new and high quality!

Contains a variety of plant extracts, nourish the water, nourish the nails, to help improve the hand dry,

so that the skin smooth and delicate skin, delicate soft.

Suitable for: hand skin brown, dry, rough skin, easy winter frostbite, and thick cuticle hand,

does not absorb nutrients hands, dead skin, calluses, cracked, yellowish, fine lines, aging.



Product name: Milk Hand Mask

Functions: Moisturizing, Nourshing, Hydrating,

NET WT: 35g/pair

Size: Full Size

Quantity: 1pc


100% brand new and high quality!
Nourish the skin, add the required water
Moisturizing, moisturizing the lips skin smooth
Helps improve Eyes skin dryness

For firm and sparkling eye contour


Product name:Eyes Mask
NET WT: 12g
Size: Full Size
Quantity: 1pcs



1pair Eyes Mask



• Enhance skin elasticity , leaving skin rosy glow bright, supple meticulous charming glory.

• Eliminates dullness and fine lines leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

• Makes your skin radiant

• Formulated to quickly absorb into your skin and moisturize it effectively

• Nourishing replenishment gives skin moisture retention , reduces wrinkle - Anti Wrinkle , Anti Aging

• Soft moist and shiny skin.Delicate tender , smooth and firming.

• Moisturize skin, assist to balance water, improving skin character, Lifting Skin

• Replenish nutrition and activate cells. Make skin young, healthy and bright

• Improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improve skin hydration.




 IMAGES Moisturizing Makeup Remover Liquid Water Gentle Eye Lip Face Make-Up Remover Deep cleansing hydrophilic oil

Cleans pores and penetrates skin
Shrink pores, moisturize, brighten skin, revitalize, nourish
Environmentally friendly and pollution free

Product specifications:
Color: white
Size: 120*50*40mm

  • - Brand new Venzen lightbulb mask rich in Arbutin, Nicotinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin to moisture and brigthen the skin.
  • - Each piece of mask contain 25g of serum , equal one bottle of serum.
  • - Rich with nutrition and vitamin to moisturise, brigthen, soothe, rejuvanate and repair the skin. 
  • - Thin mask sheet to easily fit our skin and can hold lot of rich serum.
  • - One box contain 10 pieces of mask.


Brand New & High quality.

Give you a flawless foundation application every single time.

No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little.

Make up Blender Sponge , apply it like a Pro

If used daily, we recommend washing your sponge once a week with a mild cleanser.

Baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap will work. Rinse well and air dry.

Size:App 40*60mm




1pcs  Cosmetic Puff


Contains cherry blossom and exfoliating ingredients, gently softens skin keratin, exfoliates aging skin and nourishes skin


1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
3. How to use: After the cleansing is dry, take appropriate amount of this product, avoid the eye area and lips, evenly apply f face, gently massage the skin texture until the dead skin is rubbed out, then rinse with clean water.
4. If there is any discomfort, please stop using it immediately.
5. Keep this product out of reach of children.
6. Avoid storing light at room temperature.


1. Easy,fast low cost, in 5 minutes make your hair into black

2. Made of Herbal extracts, so it is safe and no harm to hair or scalp


Efficacy : refreshing oil control


Suitable skin type: any skin type


Stretchable Wet Cotton Pad


Materials: Non-woven  and cotton
Skin type: All skin types



How to use:
Remove the cover, immerse with water or cosmetic facial care liquid, open the folding mask.
Clean face with toner and wash foam, apply beauty lotion, cover the whole face with the mask.softly pat to eliminate bubbles and closely attach on skin,take off mask 10-15 minutes later, then wash it away with clean water, apply your toner, eye or cream and night cream.


Skin Type: General

Efficacy: hair removal

Ingredients: pine resin, mineral oil, coconut oil, flavor

Hair removal parts: arm, legs, genitals, face, armpit


Sensing Temperature Change Lipstick


Note: 1.If you have any skin discomfort,please stop using it. 2.Due to the different display and different light,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 3.Storage Condition: Please place in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Effect Moisturizing shrink pores brighten skin tone improves dullness and brightness

Suitable skin type: any skin type


Type:Gold Eyes Mask,Black Eyes Mask,Green Eyes Mask


Description : IMAGES 98% Aloe Vera have natural aloe vera essence to moiturize and soothing your skin.

The 7 in 1 gift set is a good start for complete skin care set / as a gift. Feature: - Hydrating - Soothing


Direction for use
Open label. Gently pull wipes. Close after use to keep the product from drying out


Safety Information

 For external use only. Keep out of reach of children