VENZEN natural plant extract whitening moisturizing hand cream 30g
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The skin on the back of your hands is decidedly different to the skin on your palms. The skin on top of your hands is much thinner and has less sebaceous glands, meaning it can become dry very quickly. In comparison, the skin on your palms is a lot thicker, so for moisture to penetrate this area a hand cream needs to be rich and full of moisture binding ingredients.


1.Delicate and silky touch, refreshing, moisturizing and non-greasy, improving rough and dry cracks. 2.Hand cream works to hydrate and moisturize hands, delivering effective relief for dry, rough skin. 3.Nourish the skin, improve the skin's dryness, roughness, and make the skin soft. Long-term use, the skin will become more and more tender. 4.The texture is delicate and refreshing, not greasy and not sticky. 5.Natural ingredient extract, mild and non-irritating, suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. 6.There are many different fragrances of hand cream, so that you can protect your hands for a long time. Specifications: Type:Hand creams Skin Type:All skin types

Package included: 1 x Hand cream set 30g

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Package included: 1 x Hand cream set 30g