VEZE Amino Acid Perilla Bubble Mud Film Cleansing Pore Deep and Moisturizing
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Product name: VENZEN Amino Acid Perilla Bubble Mud Mask 

Type: Facial Cleansing Mask

Product category: washed

Product specifications: Bubble mud film 50G

Shelf life: 5 years

Ingredents and raw material:  Kaolin/ Amino Acid, Perilla extract, centella asiatica extract.

Application: Suitable for all skin types

Efficacy: Soft and silky texture with dense foaming between smears. It is gentle, clean and clean. It can take away the excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Clear the pores, moisturize and tender the skin.

Enjoy the clear, tender and smooth touch of the skin. 

Package 1*Facial Mask


Net WT:50G

Improve 7 Major Pore Problem

  • Dull
  • Blackhead and Whitehead
  • Strawberry Nose
  • Make up residue
  • Acne muscle
  • Big Oil Field
  • Large Pores


Major functions:

  1. Deep cleans pores
  2. It removes dirt from pores, dissolves blackheads, and has a mild formula that does not harm the skin and does not make pores larger or thicker.
  3. It has a great advantage over the peeling mask.
  4. Effective anti-acne It is mild and non irritating, can effectively remove oil, prevent acne, smooth skin and will not make skin become sensitive skin.
  5. Use natural Kaolin and Algae extract to brighten and whiten skin.


How to use

Apply a layer of mask on dry facial skin. Push it in one direction  as much as possible during the application process.

Do not rub it back. Forth and apply it evenly and start to produce bubbles.  After 60second, gentle massage and wash it off.




























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